Looking back on a year full of chaos but a great and busy time during I_remember 2020

What is I_remember about?

The project “I_remember” demonstrates how participatory digital remembrance work on subjects such as the history of national socialism, the Holocaust and its impact on the landscape of todays society can work. It is a collection of digital offers dealing with these topics – it`s a Lab dealing with remembrance and encouragment!

Set up and organised by young people for young people all over the world.

Through diverse methods and mediums, such as online seminars, videos, audios and Social Media narratives around the before mentioned topics are didactically contextualized and shared with an international network – our IJB participants and all other curious ones.

The project offers the chance to bring together young people all over the world and encourage them to share their knowledge and activate them to discuss and meet each other – this year online and on screen next year maybe live in Dachau?

Our Lab is open for everyone who is interested to meet us and to learn and share knowledge.

How does I_remember work?

“I_remember” strives to digitalize and develop “silent witnesses” for online access, enabling cooperative and individualized analyses of the sources’ role and effect. It is a collaborative digital remembrance project for Dachau and beyond. For the successful realisation of the project, online platforms will be utilized, with the possibility of a later in-person meeting, in theform of a digital remembrance Lab. During the Lab, the team, media experts, coaches and other interested poeple can, in unison, develop sources and advance the project.

I_remember is the finalisation of our idea of an alternative for the cancelled IJB 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.

The content of our schedule is recognizably IJB content. In the past years, workshops, lectures and excursions have been the main program points of the youth meeting, and now these traditions can be adapted to our new, digital reality. The youth meeting’s spirit of mutual exchange begets a virtual collaboration Lab. The collaborative aspect is as fundamental to the project as the contents themselves.

During 31.07 – 07.08.2021 you can take part in various online seminars, listen to audios the IJB-Team created or join our Social Media activities. There are a bunch of interesting interviews with eyewitnesses and guided video tours telling us more about Dachau and the history of the Concentration Camp. …and more :)

We invite everyone to join us and take part in our program. Without your participation and curiousity „I_remember“ would not work!

International Pray

Together we will offer you an opportunity to join our international prayer. A slot we offer our participants at every youth meeting as well. The prayer is prepared and done by Frank Schleicher, deacon of the Church of Reconciliation at the Memorial Site of the former Concentration Camp in Dachau. Please join us here on Sunday at 09:00 am

Who is responsible for I_remember?

The team of volunteers that normally would have managed the IJB developed the content for online seminars, video-tours etc. They are supported by media experts, coaches and some historians. Together with the project management they were able to realize the project and will accompany the Lab and stay in contact with the participants.


Download the flyer for this years seminars here to advertise the event with your friends and colleagues!

You want to support us with a donation?

We are very grateful for your support! You will get a letter of confirmation and will be mentioned on our supporters’ website.

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