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History of National Socialism

Music in Nazi Germany

Podcast – Music in National Socialism (Konstantin Feicht (research, text), Wolfgang Henneberger (recording)) – I_remember 2020

„SURVIVORS“ – Prof. Dr. Markus Gloe & Fabian Heindl (21.09.20) I_remember

Online Seminar giving us insights in the research about interactive digital testimonies. During the seminar we had the opportunity to ask Abba Naor, an eyewitness who is part of that research, questions. Really interesting! Thank you for being part, stay curious.

Video Tours (Memorial Site Dachau, 2020) I_remember

Our Teamers Hannah Brauchle, Nicole Balling and Felix Lehner recorded their tours at the Memorial Site for our digital lab of remembrance 2020. Enjoy and learn :)

In memory of Max Mannheimer – film evening with „Der weiße Rabe“ and talk with producer/director & friend Dr. Carolin Otto (23.09.2020)

4 years ago Max Mannheimer, survivor of the holocaust, died at the age of 96. 1943 he was deported to Auschwitz, then sent to subcamps of Dachau at Munich-Allach and Mühldorf. After the liberation he devoted his life to fight antisemitism and extremism. He visited the IYM Dachau and a lot of schools. We are very thankful for what he has done and want to rememberd him on the day of his death. Watching the documentary „Der weiße Rabe“ and talk about the experiences Mrs. Otto had while filming with him.

Representation of resistance in National Socialism in movies

Eyewitness talk with Ernst Grube (24.09.2020) I_remember

Talk „Hitler gefällt das. Memes in der digitalen Erinnerungskultur“ – Andreas Schulz (24.09.2020) I_remember

„Conspiracy theories nowadays“ – Pastinaken (25.09.2020)