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Young people from 20 countries participated in this year`s I_remember – You want to know where they came from?

Our videos

Opening I_remember 2021 – Digital Youth Meeting Dachau

To Video „Welcome address of Ernst Grube“ read out by Laird McNeil for our Opening of I_remember 2021.

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Eye Witness Talk with Walter Joelsen
Videointerview by Hannah Brauchle, IJB Team

Documentary about Nazi-resistance and Anna Pröll
To Video „Anna, ich hab Angst um dich!“| only for registered participants
In German | More information about the film

Documentary about daily life during Nazi-Germany
To Video „Die letzten Zeitzeugen“ | only for registered participants
If you have any questions for the director Michael Kalb please let us know- He meets us in Dachau on Friday 6th in the evening and we will have the opportunity to ask him about the documentary. Write Catharina an eMail with your questions: koke@kjr-dachau.de

Local project of remembrance in Dachau
To Video „Book of Remembrance“

Association of German Sinti and Roma, Landesverband Baden-Württemberg e.V.
To Video Talk with Ilona Lagrene

Our podcasts

Dachau Trials
Podcast by Bernat Lleixa, IJB Team

Stories of Survivors
Podcast by Hannah Brauchle and Svenja Hess, IJB Team

  • Betty Voss, born in 1911, lives her life on the fringes of society and in the late 1980s fights for compensation as a „victim of National Socialism“ because she was imprisoned as an „asocial“ in the Ravensbrück concentration camp between 1943 and 1945.

  • Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz, (* April 24, 1906 on Gut Koberwitz near Breslau as Edgar Kupfer; † July 7, 1991 near Stuttgart) was a German journalist, poet and prisoner in the Dachau concentration camp. He was the author of, among other things, the „Dachau Diaries,“ which describe in detail the events in the concentration camp, the camp SS, and prisoner society.

Out teamer Leni Hübner invites you to click yourself through a collection of arts dealing with the topic of National Socialism in order to give the opportunity to deal with the topic yourself. All the emotions, which come up during the I_remember week dealing with national socialism, can be creatively dealt with at the creative hours. We will invite you to reflect and will show you different kinds of putting your thoughts into different artworks. 

Are you curious about our digital youth meeting from last year? Check it out: