Our Program for 2021 has beeen announced!

Our TIMETABLE reveals when certain seminars and other slots start or are provided to listen to or watch. All times correspond to Central European Time (CET)(UTC+02:00).

Please notice that you will have to register in advance (registration is open from 01.07 to 31.07 2021) if you want to take part in one or more online seminars, video tours, interviews and film screenings.

Feel free to take a look. For regular updates please follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook. We`re happy to meeting you online :-)

Note: The shown timeslots for Podcasts and Videos (green boxes) show the time of their initial launch, i.e. they will be available to download/listen to after this time too.

  • Online Seminars
  • Screenings and Live Talks
  • Launch of Podcasts and Video
  • Social Events