We invite you to check out our interview with Josef Pröll, director of the documentaries „Anna ich hab Angst um dich “ (translates to „Anna I fear for you“) and „Die Stille schreit“ (English title „It was all legal“). Josef was born in 1953, son to Anna and Josef Pröll, who were active in Nazi resistance. We interviewed him about the life of his parents after they were released from the concentration camps as well as the impact of their experiences on his own life. He also speaks about different forms and the future of remembrance as well as the projects he’s currently involved in. Stay tuned to learn about what he thinks youth meetings and remembrance work should aim for. of If you’re interested in learning more about his mother, Anna Pröll, you will get the opportunity to watch the documentary about her.

Please be aware: the interview is in German with English subtitles, the documentary is in German only.

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