Online Seminar | Referentin: Catharina Koke | KJR-Dachau

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a well known theologian, not only in Germany but also international. His consistent understanding of being a Christian and his conclusion to join the resistance group responsible for the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler on the 20th of July in 1944 fascinates many people around the world. 

This seminar asks if, and how, Bonhoeffers theology can be understood as a call to action. Therefore the seminar takes a closer look on Bonhoeffers biography, the context and the reasoning concerning the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. How can someone, being a Christian and appreciating peace and God’s commandments, in particular the fifth “Thou shalt not kill” be part of a violent assassination attempt? And how can Bonhoeffers theology be a call to action today? 

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Friday, 25.09
Online Seminar by Catharina Koke