Online Seminar | Referentin: Galina Shamkalova | Förderverein

“Collecting our memory” is a project to collect and get insight in different approaches of remembrance according to the topic of the Holocaust worldwide. It is part of the digital lab of remembrance in Dachau this year.

We would like to collect as many shared memories as possible to get a broader picture of remembrance about the Holocaust. Therefore, please try to answer all the three questions and add up to four meaningful pictures of people connected to your family history or the culture of remembrance in your country.

This announcement is sent to schools, institutions, and twin towns, amongst others with the request to answer the questions. These answered questions should be sent back to us, possibly with meaningful pictures. We will then put together the collected answers as an online blog. During the digital lab of remembrance in Dachau there will be a zoom meeting with the opportunity to exchange ideas and ask questions to individual people. Possibly we will ask 3 – 4 people to present their experiences and then add them to the collection.

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Tuesday, 22.09