Podcast | Referenten: Bara, Bernat, Nicole

The online activity of the IYM 2020 in relation to Dachauer Prozesse would consist of a set of short podcasts (max. 20 minutes) in which the teamers will explain and comment some important facts about the Dachauer Prozesse. These trials took place between 1945-1948 and SS personnel, doctors and functionary prisoners were judged by American military courts. Although the different podcasts’ content will be organized by big and important topics, like the significance of Dachauer Prozesse within the context of other trials or the main crimes judged in Dachauer Prozesse, we will concentrate on the first part of the Dachau trials starting in 1945, which focused on the crimes in the Dachau concentration camp. The main topics mentioned will be the accused and their motives, the strategies of the defense and prosecution in court and the public reaction now and then to the legal prosecution and investigation of Nazi crime.