The filmmakers Michael Kalb and Timian Hopf accompanied seniors living in Bavaria Swabia on a journey into the past and visit the places of their childhood with them. But what happens when the memories of that time die with the people? Michael Kalb interviewed over 30 eye witnesses who can still tell of the time between 1920 and 1950 from their own experience.

Like a mosaic of memories, „Die letzten Zeitzeugen“ is intended to make the cruelty and contradictions of the „Third Reich“, the chaos after the end of the war, but also the everyday life and some rays of hope of that time tangible. With the knowledge of the background of this inhuman time, it is precisely the unreflectiveness of some eye witnesses that creates an even greater sense of unease.

After the public screening there is the opportunity to start a conversation with director Michael Kalb, who will join us in Dachau. The film is in German but with English subtitles. 

Zeitfenster der Veranstaltung (1)

Friday, 06.08.2021