Online Seminar with Live-Stream | Referent: Prof. Markus Gloe, Fabian Heindl | Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München

Since the end of World War II, Holocaust Education has become a cornerstone of historical-political education in many countries throughout the world. Many ideas and concepts have been developed to ensure that students will be able to learn from past mistakes and remember the crimes committed to millions of people under the German National Socialist regime. For several decades, the testimonies of survivors and eyewitnesses have served as an irreplaceable part of this mission. Unfortunately, today only a few of these representatives remain alive and the world needs to find ways to preserve their stories and messages for the generations to come. Since 2011, institutions from the US, UK, and Germany have created a new concept: interactive digital testimonies.

This technological invention often referred to as „holograms“ enables users to not only see and hear a digital replica of the original witness but to also address their personal questions to it. With previous versions only available in English, a research team of the LMU Munich has recently created the first testimonies in German. By the end of 2020, the digital representatives of Abba Noar and Eva Umlauf will start to answer questions in schools all around the country. In order to maximize the benefit, the researchers are creating an elaborate educational concept, which aims to enable students to properly interact with the testimonies, form an independent opinion about their experience and thereby provide an answer to the question „What will happen to Holocaust Education in the future?“

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Monday, 21.09
Prof. Markus Gloe (Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München): Online Seminar mit Live-Stream (Youtube)