Online Seminar | Referentin: Stefanie Steinbauer | KJR-Dachau

In our online seminar we will learn about different approaches of remembrance in urban space. On the one side we will join Terry Swartzbeg through a virtual tour through Munich telling us about the so called Stolperteine or „stumbling stones“ that are inserted into the sidewalks of the former residences of victims of the Nazi regime, which provide brief information about the fates of these victims. We will also try to find out if there are any of them on your country and do some research on background information. On the other hand we will ask Mrs.Charlotte Knobloch, former President of Central Council of Jews in Germany, for a statement according to her stand against this kind of initiative but dedication for an alternative. At least there will be time to discuss these two different forms of remembrance.

The seminar will be two-parted, taking place on two diffferent days, each of them not lasting more than 1,5hour.

Zeitfenster der Veranstaltung (2)

Friday, 25.09

Wednesday, 23.09