Guided Video Tour | Referenten: Hannah, Nicole, Felix, Bekka

We would like to show you in our videos some of the most interesting places of the history of Dachau concentration camp. We want to give you a brief tour of the main memorial site and give you the opportunity to get an impression of the site along with important facts. Further we want to offer you to visit digitally some sites in Dachau which are closely connected with the main camp but are not that present in the collective memory of Dachau.

At the former SS-Shooting range 4000 soviet prisoners of war were executed and we want to show you the area and the monuments. At the “Plantage” or the “Kräutergarten” many prisoners worked and died. Here we want to take a look at the remaining historic sites and how the site is maintained today. We will upload several videos and there will be an opportunity to ask question and get into a discussion.

The Video Tours will be available from Tuesday, 22.09 13:00 onwards.

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Tuesday, 22.09